Bo’khoor البخور

Have you ever came across people that are holding an object that produces a thick smoke -probably smells wired to you- and they are literally trying to saturate themselves with that smoke? If you seen this before, congratulations! you have been in Gulf for too long; just kidding. But really, ever wondered what is that?... Continue Reading →

Arabic Coffee

This was my first Article ever about food and beverages! I hope you enjoy reading it!Since everyone was Celebrating #coffee#International#day on 1 October 2018, I wanted to take the opportunity and introduce some information about our Saudi Arabic Coffee.Brewing and preparing Arabic Coffee in Saudi Arabia is very different than any Arabic coffee in Gulf or middle... Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabian Cuisine Journey

Would you like to take a journey discovering a whole new and unique cuisine? join me and learn more about the Saudi Arabian cuisine, its history, geographical impact on preparation or choices of food, and how those affect eating behaviors. Saudi Arabia consist of many different terrain, with no doubt this has a great impact... Continue Reading →

A little about me!

I started my career in the sensory evaluation field back in 2012. The journey was vague at the beginning, because i have a bachelor degree in Nursing Sciences which is too different from what i decided to move to. I Can't deny how difficult it is to start a career in your region as the... Continue Reading →

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