Ramadan Drinks

It is the very last day in this holey season! Days went so fast, but were very blessed and we are so sad that Ramadan is leaving.. However, i want to take this very limited time opportunity to write you how did we enjoy our drinks during this month.

let’s agree that most of the drinks are cold and fruits based (specially during summer), some are thick and some are clear and thin; except of course the coffee

Ghamar Eldeen is an apricot juice that is originally from Syria. it comes as a dry puree concentrate that you should melt in in hot water to prepare it. what makes it so special is the Texture! it has slightly thick liquid texture, with tiny perceived particles on the tongue. It has fruity, floral, candiesh notes sometimes. You will feel strong apricot flavor. to me it leaves an aftertaste that reminds me of a sun dried fruits. Some add dry apricot pieces to it, some mix it with orange, or add a little rosewater.

Karkadeeh (hibiscus) in other languages is names after the flower Roselle. interestingly it can be consumed hot or cold – cold in Ramdan-. It is prepared by soaking a big amount of the flower and boil it with water until you get dark maroon concentrate that will keep in fridge and mix it with cold water and sugar before drinking. Nowadays it can be found as an infusion in tea bags. Typically, it is sour and bitter even when you add sugar. it is very similar to cranberry, except it has more floral hints, very refreshing drink. one of the mixtures i adore with hibiscus is pomegranate juice and rosewater. Quick fact: this is a popular drink consumed to control blood pressure (if consumed cold elevates hypertension , if consumed hot lowers hypertension)

Tamar Hindi (tamarind) is the soft moist pulp of the tamarind pod-like fruit (that’s the only edible part). It comes from India (the name in Arabic basically means Indian date). If it’s taken from a concentrate, it will not be clear, it will be dark brown cloudy drink. Now this drink is really sour! it is tangy less sweet than other drinks generally and has some datey notes with some bitterness. The cloudy drink will deliver some small particles on your tongue when consumed. But again, it is really acidic! this fruit is used a lot in cooking. Quick fact: it is very helpful for digestion, also maintain blood sugar levels.

Jallab I am a big fan of this one! it comes from Levant in general, very famous in Lebanon. This is usually a syrup that is rarely prepared at home. This syrup is a blend of molasses of: carob, date, and resin. While these are being cooked together, an Arabian Bokhoor is placed on cooking pan and covered so the mixture can catch some smokey hints, interesting right? all you need to do is pour your water and add your rosewater and put your choice of nuts ( i prefer pine nuts and pistachio). This drink is really sweet! and the flavor will confuse you! all the flavors you will be guessing are correct. If this is your first time trying Carob you might not like it immediately – it is a sweet fruit by its own, it taste wired a little bet-

My advice, if you ever came across any of those drinks give them a try, you will absolutely discover another dimensions of drinks you have not been exposed to before!

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